Punjab Public Service Commission Latest Jobs 2023 – Eligibility Criteria & Latest Advertisement No. 06

On this page of Jobeupdate.com you people can find most latest information about Punjab Public Service Commission Latest Jobs 2023.The Punjab Public Service Commission serves as a governmental body under the Punjab Government’s jurisdiction, responsible for the recruitment of competent and eligible individuals to fill positions within various government departments in Punjab.

In addition to its recruitment function, the commission also assumes the vital role of fostering the professional growth of employees across different departments. It offers guidance and recommendations to the government regarding recruitment and selection matters. Furthermore, it diligently assesses the performance of government personnel and provides valuable suggestions to aid in their career advancement.

PPSC goes beyond recruitment and personnel management. It actively assists candidates in their preparation for competitive examinations by offering career counseling, aptitude tests, and personality assessments. The primary aim of PPSC revolves around the provision of exceptional personnel to the Punjab Government, thereby functioning as a catalyst for effective governance.

Job Posted Date: May 17, 2023
City/Location: All Punjab
Job Province:Punjab Sindh Kpk
Job Category:Government
Job Type:Full Time
Total Vacancies:61
Education Required:Bachelor, Master, MBBS, PhD  
Experience Required:Required Field

Available Positions:

  1. Assistant Director of Agriculture
  2. Assistant Professors
  3. Junior Chief Economist
  4. Programmer

Eligibility Criteria For Punjab Public Service Commission Latest Jobs 2023:

To apply for the latest job openings in the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) in 2023, candidates are required to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Educational Qualification: Applicants must possess the minimum educational qualifications as specified in the job advertisement. This may include a degree from a recognized university or institution in a relevant field of study.
  2. Age Limit: The age requirements vary depending on the job position. Candidates must fall within the specified age range as mentioned in the job advertisement. Age relaxation may be applicable for certain categories as per government rules.
  3. Nationality: Applicants must be citizens of India or fulfill the nationality criteria mentioned in the job advertisement. Preference may be given to candidates who are permanent residents of Punjab.
  4. Experience: Some Vacant Posts may require prior work experience in the relevant field. The job advertisement will specify the minimum years of experience required, if applicable.
  5. Language Proficiency: Applicants must have a good command of the English language. Proficiency in Punjabi or any other regional language may be an added advantage, depending on the job requirements.
  6. Physical Fitness: Certain job positions may have specific physical standards that applicants need to meet. These standards will be clearly mentioned in the job advertisement.
  7. Other Requirements: Candidates must fulfill any additional requirements mentioned in the job advertisement, such as possessing a valid driving license, computer skills, or any specific certifications.

How To Apply For Punjab Public Service Commission Latest Jobs May 2023?

  • Professionals who meet the desired qualifications are encouraged to submit their applications online through the official PPSC website at https://www.ppsc.gop.pk.
  • The deadline for application submission is May 31, 2023. It is important to note that incomplete or late applications will not be considered.
  • Please be aware that no travel allowance or daily allowance will be provided to candidates called for tests or interviews. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.
  • For more information about bank and other job opportunities, you can visit Jobeupdate.

General FAQs For How To Apply ?

Q1. How can I apply for the latest jobs in Punjab Public Service Commission?

A: To apply for the latest jobs in PPSC, you need to visit the official website at https://www.ppsc.gop.pk/. Look for the relevant job advertisement and click on the “Apply Online” link. Fill out the application form with the required information and submit it online.

Q2. What is the last date for submitting applications?

A: The last date for application submission is May 31, 2023. Please ensure that you submit your application before this deadline, as late applications will not be considered.

Q3. Can I apply offline or through any other mode?

A: No, the application process for PPSC jobs is conducted online only. You need to submit your application through the official PPSC website mentioned above.

Q4. Are there any specific documents required for the application?

A: The specific documents required may vary depending on the job position. However, in general, you may need to upload your educational certificates, identification documents, passport-sized photographs, and any other relevant documents as specified in the job advertisement.

Q5. Can I edit my submitted application?

A: Once you have submitted your application online, you cannot edit it. Therefore, it is important to review your application carefully before submitting it to avoid any mistakes or missing information.

Q6. Will I receive any acknowledgment after submitting my application?

A: After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation message or email acknowledging the receipt of your application. This may serve as proof of submission.

Q7. Will I be reimbursed for travel or accommodation expenses for tests/interviews?

A: No, PPSC does not provide any travel allowance (TA) or daily allowance (DA) to candidates called for tests or interviews. The candidates are responsible for their own expenses.

Q8. How will I know if I am shortlisted for an interview?

A: Only shortlisted candidates will be notified for an interview. You may receive a call, email, or an official communication from PPSC regarding the interview details.

Punjab Public Service Commission Latest Jobs 2023

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